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DCGpac – India’s Largest Packaging Store

With the onset of the pandemic, lockdowns and work-from-home lifestyles, online shopping be it in retail or food delivery, has boomed. The use of smartphones for online shopping alone has more than doubled since 2018, according to a June 2021 survey by consulting and accounting firm, PwC. There is a clear consumer shift to online shopping post-pandemic. With market competition at an all-time high today, a single error in packaging design can cause a lot of financial as well as reputational damages to a company. Therefore, there is a growing need for reliable, sustainable, and well-priced packaging.

Established in 2005, DCG Tech Limited is the biggest B2B online store for all kinds of packaging materials. It offers a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective products, delivered pan-India as well as free shipping on a majority of orders. A customer-centric organization, DCGpac offers a 100% money-back guarantee for any product purchased from its online store and is also one of the handful of companies that offers credit to its corporate customers for online purchases.

The online store contains a vast catalog of packaging materials. Product categories cater to a variety of needs for packaging and shipping, warehouse supplies, stationery, and corporate promotions.

The online store offers a full breadth of products that serve different purposes such as 3 ply corrugated boxes, pizza boxes, gift boxes, food-grade grocery bags, and even sustainable product options like biodegradable courier bags and reusable stand-up pouches. Should a customer come forth with specific packaging in mind, there is always the option of customizable products.

In terms of raw materials, kraft papers, stitching wires, gum powder, and other eclectic items are also easily available on the DCG online store and for bulk packaging, strapping kits, cable ties, crates, and seals to bins and pallets could be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

DCG’s online store caters to smaller sellers and large corporates like Zomato, Grofers, 1MG, DTDC, and more. It has sold over 200 million products across India to date and in revenue terms, it has grown 100% over each of the past two years. With industry focus, design, customization, vendor management, distribution, and technology, DCGpac is one packing partner you can trust.

DCGpac has also received growing positive feedback from consumers with regards to product quality, timely delivery, and customer support. Some reviewers on Google listing terming the quality of products as “top-notch”.

“First of all I would like to thank DCGpac for sending me the boxes…the quality of the boxes is top-notch…really liked the package. Kudos to the team DCGpac” wrote Kamesh Kumar.

“Very pleased with the corrugated boxes I ordered. About 3 years ago I had a bad experience with them so had stopped buying. Went back this time with an order doubtfully, but they really have given me the good stuff. It reached on time as well,” said another user, Sowmya Sarathy.

Irrespective of the industry in which you operate, you will need high-quality packaging materials in order to give your product the winning edge. More so, the fundamental requirement of packaging design is to ensure it is the most suitable packaging material for your needs. Protection, convenience, branding, information transmission, and presentation are key.

DCGpac has proven time and again its commitment to being a leading packaging material supplies store in India, having also partnered up with e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart.

Even if you are an e-commerce startup, there are many uncertainties but smart packaging can make all the difference to help a brand grow.

Apart from the online store, DCG also offers packaging materials and supplies through a well-maintained network of dealers for retail sales. The company is also committed to the vision of serving customers beyond India, in the international arena as well.

Whether you’re a well-established firm or a start-up, come to DCGpac where all your packaging needs are sure to be met.

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