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Gift Packaging Tips for Your Loved Ones

You may have already finished your holiday gift buying for your loved ones, but this does not let you off the hook from wrapping them. It is said that a gift is not complete until and unless it is packed and wrapped in an attractive gift box. The extra layers of cellophane paper, shiny glaze and those stars add a more appealing look to your gift. Most of us tend to shy away from the tedious business of wrapping the gifts or hire experts for gift wrapping. These experts can be your next door store owner or the little ones in your home who are open to every opportunity for art and craft. You yourself can become an expert in gift packing by the end of this write-up.

To start with you can look for some attractive gift packing boxes online. You can find some good options of the boxes that are reasonably priced and available with one-day delivery feature it is very important to decide the right kind of packaging for a gift item so you must choose wisely.

Below are the few steps that you can follow for gift packaging process:


The supplies for your gift wrap are easily available in your city. Just typing packaging materials or gift packing boxes online in the Google search bar will show you several search results. The main items which you would require before starting to pack your gift, is a ruler, a pencil, double sided tape, scissors, optional gift ribbon and name tag.

Let’s Take some Measurements

Find a large flat surface and open your wrapping paper. Place your gift on the wrapping paper and check for the measurements. Try rolling the paper on the gift which will give you the correct length required of the wrapping paper. Make sure that when you roll out your wrapping paper it is two to three inches longer on both the sides of the gift. A ruler can be used if you find moving the box too cumbersome to get the correct measurements. Next is to fold the paper edges to the height of the box. Your gift is almost ready to be packed with accurate dimensions and without any ‘experts’ help.

Start Taping

Using double sided tape is a good option to have neat work on the gift and prevent it from looking sloppy Taping is done with precaution as the minimum amount of tape should be used to keep the wrap clear and at the same time enough to make the gift wrap sturdy. Lift up the edges and wrap it in a triangular manner before taping it.

Finishing Touch

Everything is complete for your present to bring a gleam in your loved one’s eyes and to arouse curiosity in them. The last step is to add your personal touch to the gift which will differentiate it from other presents. Things which you can add is to paste a small picture of both of you or mention some lines which are known by only the two of you. These small things add up to and bring a feeling of oneness between the two people.

Voila! The gift with your personal touch is now ready and it is better than what any packing expert would have achieved.


Following the above tips can make your packaging simple and attractive. This can make your loved ones feel special. Make sure you follow these tips while packing a gift for someone special next time.

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