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Packaging Challenges at the Warehouse & How to Solve Them

Packaging plays an important role at every stage of the product, from storage to ultimately reaching the customer. But once the products are transferred from the factory to the warehouse, packaging becomes a matter of concern as there are many packaging challenges faced in the warehouse. Let us look at some of the common ones.

Packaging Challenges at the Warehouse

Some of the common packaging challenges are concerned with:


According to the Environment Protection Agency, 29.9% of the content in solid waste landfills comes from product packaging. It is important to pay attention to sustainability, as without the use of appropriate packaging materials, raw material consumption increases.

Protection of Goods 

In the warehouse, a product goes through many situations where it could be damaged. Some common instances are, dropped from forklifts, fallen from the broken pallets, fallen from conveyor belts at the warehouse, and unorganized stacking. And in each situation, there are chances that damage might occur because of delicate packaging. 

Recognition of Products/Materials/Goods

If there is an absence of labels and relevant information on the product packaging, it increases the efforts. It becomes difficult to recognize what is inside and keep in mind what to take care of while handling. Thus, slows down the operations and reduces productivity and efficiency involved in all the processes in the warehouse. 

How Double Packaging Helps Manage Picking and Packing Operations?

When the product comes to the warehouse, the product’s packaging consists of internal and external packaging. 

Internal packaging covers the product inside the box and protects the product on the shelf. The internal packaging is also used to attract customers’ attention and describe the product inside and its content. 

For protecting the internal packaging from damages while managing picking and packing operations, external packaging is designed. It is also used to display the information about the product so that it is easier for the warehouse staff to identify it with the help of barcodes and RFID tags.

DCGpac’s Solution for a Perfect Packaging

DCGpac understands the value of a beautifully packaged product. We know that proper packaging can often create satisfaction even before the user has taken the actual product in hands.

We offer our repackaging services and solutions to our clients. Our packaging expert is deployed at your facility to remove the torn and dull packaging and pack the product again. In this service, DCGpac deploys 3Ms – man, machine, and material of its own. You can stop bothering about the packaging and focus on your core business.

How Cost/Money is an Important Factor in Warehouse Packaging?

When a product enters the warehouse, it is stored for some time before getting dispatched. The cost for storing the product varies according to the packaging used. 

The warehouse packaging cost for the product that cannot be stored for much time in the warehouse will be less as it will not remain in the warehouse for much time. In contrast, the product present in the warehouse for a longer duration requires packaging that provides it adequate protection. From climatic conditions, weather elements, warehouse temperature, and even from the humidity. For such product packaging, the cost incurred will be more. 

How DCGpac’s Packaging Expert Will be Cost Efficient for You?

DCGpac’s packaging expert knows your product and the care it needs. They know packaging materials and their usability. As a result, they pack your products with the right material in the right way. They procure sufficient material and use them in an optimized manner.

We also offer a Dashboard on-demand. You can check all the material ordered, inventory, and costs thus can take business decisions quickly, without the necessity to be around the packaging facility.

One more factor that provides cost efficiency is that all our material is lab-tested in association with IIT. You need not assess each of them to ensure consistent quality.

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