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Best way to Organize Documents – Office File Boxes

Documents of importance have the knack to disappear at just the time we need them. We all have experienced this malady, probably not just at home but at our work place too. And at the off chance that you decided to keep it in a secure place, there is a very good possibility that you would have absolutely forgotten where this safe and secure place that you had found is. 

This is very common and considering the multiple aspects of our lives we do tend to have a files and documents of varying importance that just cannot be discarded. We are here to find out the best way to organize files and other documents at home and at office. 

There is sure no perfect way to categorize documents as per their importance levels because we all know, when the time comes, every document seems to turn into the most crucial piece. But you could definitely categorize the document based on their type to ensure you have each of these documents in one place.

As a family, you would have documents of every matter. You will have documents pertaining to health records for each family member, educational information for each member, professional information, utilities, bills, banking, warranty cards, property and other asset details, and the list can literally go on forever. Just in case if you have a bigger family, then organizing important documents becomes an uphill task as you are most probably flooded with documents of every possible category.

While digital storage is a great option available now, you still need to retain the original hardcopy of the document as well. Many government documents require hardcopies and does not really work in softcopies. Hence despite having an option to store softcopies in a simple and systematic manner you would still be required to keep hardcopies of the documents on hand. So really there is no escape from the task.

Now imagine an office scenario. Though all offices function in a complete digital environment existence of hardcopies is unavoidable – Legal documents, proprietary information, Bills, invoices, employee details, vendor details, project reports, research and so much more. It is an endless list of documents which just keeps growing. The best way to organize documents is of course to go digital and for those that needs physical copies you would need to identify the categories and sort accordingly.

Organizing Documents and Files at Home

The best option is to opt for a standard filing system at home and at office. There are various way to start your filing system. But the most effective mode of organizing your files and documents is definitely using the Office File Boxes. They are easy to use, store and stack. 

Color coding

The office File boxes come in a variety of colors making it easy for you to set up a color-coding system as well. With a color coded system you don’t really have to spend time and effort reading labels or opening each box to scan its contents. You can simply retain a color chart and refer easily to identify your specific stack.

Made to fit with varying dimensions

These file boxes come in varying dimensions. So you don’t really have to fold or bend any file to fit into a particular size box. You can choose the exact size of the box and fit in your file to ensure they remain intact without any damage. This enhances the efficiency of storage too.

Store large number of files

A single file of course is very light and thin but when you have a large number of files or documents it does tend to become rather difficult to handle. So storing might not seem like a difficult task to achieve with an office file box but carrying it around may seem rather difficult in case it tears up due to the weight. But it is not so. The boxes are usually made of 5ply recyclable paper which makes them very sturdy. You can store a large number of files or documents in them and even carry them around without having to worry about the boxes tearing up.

Sturdy to be stacked

The sturdiness of these boxes makes it very safe for them to be stacked on top one another to save space. They are weather resistant and can tolerate changes in temperatures keeping your documents safe. But well its paper, so it is not tolerant to water. So make sure that you are not exposing your file boxes to rain or excessive water.

Securely covered

The hard cover lid on top fits in snugly making it absolutely safe to store your important documents. The virgin Kraft paper which is used to build these boxes can be easily labelled if the need arises. Moreover you can even customize these boxes if you want to have a particular print or design on them to give them that unique touch.

Environment Friendly

The office boxes offered by DCGpac are recyclable and are absolutely safe for the environment. So even though you may feel the guilt of using paper boxes you can relax. They can be easily reused or repurposed if you do not need them for file storage any longer. 


These boxes are also cool to be used for storing little items and personal artefacts. You can use them to store toys or jewellery, stationeries and so much more. If you have a gift of a bigger size, it makes for a great wrapping box to enclose the gift. You think of it and you can fit in these boxes for the purpose you want.

Secure for logistic use

When they are sealed well you can use these boxes for transit as well. Their sturdy make and secure sealing makes them quite safe for logistic purposes as well. So if you were shifting and needed boxes to pack your important valuables, these office boxes become very handy.

Storage of Documents at Office

At office a proper filing and archiving system is absolutely crucial. There are various documents that are actually invaluable assets to the organization and may be essential to contribute towards business operations.

While digital storage is definitely in, you cannot really vouch for the validity of some crucial documents as there are various modes of duplication. Hence a valid hard copy is a must. In such cases storage of such files and documents call for a much more effective way of storage that keeps the document absolutely safe away from prying eyes or elements of nature.

Additionally, companies are legally required to store certain documents for a particular length of time. The length of storage for different documents varies across regions and stretch up to years. In such cases it becomes necessary for organizations to identify secure modes of storage to ensure they are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.

An organization needs a sustainable and increasingly robust system to help in the filing and archiving of crucial documentations. A storage system that gives the space and the flexibility to sort with minimal efforts and that is not time bound- All of this without overcrossing the environmental goals that are laid out for all organizations.

Storage Box

Office File Boxes for secure storage

The most effective means of storage in organizations for hard copies of files and documents is the Office file Boxes. Made of corrugated sheets these boxes are lightweight while being very sturdy. Their 5 ply layers give them a strength that can withstand heavy loads and make them easy to stack.


One of the prominent advantages of using Office File Boxes is that it is very cost effective. Unlike acquiring physical assets as cupboards, shelves and lockers the Office File Boxes can be bought in bulk to be used when required. Added to this, Organization can have these boxes customized with unique designs to ensure there specific identity is retained. You save thousands of dollars in expenses in acquiring office furniture to accommodate the files. DCGpac offers Office file Boxes in bulk making it absolutely cost effective to purchase for long term usage.

Space saving

Added to the advantage of saving you precious dollars, these file storage boxes help you save a lot of office space. For large and older organizations the volume of documents keeps increasing with every passing day. In such a scenario you cannot really afford to lose space to every day to store or stack these documents. And even of you stacked all of these documents one on top of another locating a particular document later for some verification task is going to an arduous task. 

Easy labeling

With the office file boxes you have the ability to store documents based on the differentiating factors like; client type, project type, year or any other for that matter. Once these documents have been sorted they can be filled into office file boxes and labelled to ensure you know where to find them when you need it. 

Sturdy to be stacked

These office file boxes’ sturdy make, allows easy stacking making it super easy for you to store them without using up too much of space for the act. You can sort with perfection making it so much easier for a file location later on.

Easy to handle

These boxes are also efficient in moving your personal belongings at the work table. They are tacky and have holder holes in them making it so much easier for you to carry it from one place to another without effort. So if you were shifting your work station or moving buildings you can place all your office stuffs to these neat little boxes and carry them to your new workstation. It can hold all your stationery and important files in one place making it a one-time effort.


There is no denying that these boxes are an absolute fit for storing your important files and documents. Additionally, you can use these boxes for multiple purposes too. They are great for storing stationeries as well. You can sort your office stationeries like pens, staplers, markers and others according to the categories or just place them together if there aren’t many to store. They offer easy access whenever you need them helping you avoid hours of searching in storage rooms through shelves and cupboards.

Choose from a variety of options for Office File Boxes from DCGpac

Organizing documents and files definitely takes time. But it is a necessary task for every home and organization to ensure you have easy access to crucial document at the right time. To simplify the process office file boxes are definitely the best option. You can sort them once and save hours of efforts in scouring through hundreds of documents to find the one you need.

Office file boxes are a great way to keep your files safe from the external elements and ensure they remain undamaged. DCGpac offers you a great range of boxes to choose from that could fit your office as well as home needs. You can even have them customized to fit your need perfectly. Be it printing out designs or getting the right size, DCGpac makes it absolutely easy to get your perfect Office File Box fit. Made from the finest quality materials and fitted to give the highest level of security, Office file boxes from DCGpac last for a long time. You can place your order online and have them delivered to your home or office address anywhere in India within 7 days.

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