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How To Choose The Right Corrugated boxes Your Product

We all know how the products that we order reach us. It is of course understood that the logistics company will not know the kind of product that is within the packaging unless of course indicated with the right stickers. Moreover, the amount of packages that go out for transit on a daily basis is not small either. The time constraint and the long distances often put your packed products through a whole lot till it reaches the customers.

You cannot afford to hand over a broken or damaged product to your customer. That is the reason why you need to be very particular when you are picking the packaging material for your product. Keep your product safe and untampered should be your main concern.

Again storage is another major concern for suppliers and distributors. You need to ensure that the products are well packed and are safe to be stacked one on top of another. This will save you storage space while also allowing easy categorization.

When picking the right custom corrugated packaging boxes for your products’ packaging needs, consistently guarantee that the box is stackable on pallets, delivered sustainably, and completely recyclable. At last, the ideal corrugated box ought to have the option to safeguard your products during delivery or shipping to customers.

The corrugated box style is the most generally involved packaging material globally. Both of all shapes and sizes, organizations pick corrugated boxes because of their superior and adaptable properties. While settling on the right corrugated box for your products, guarantee you pursue this choice with the assistance of an industry expert. The right type of carton box supplier ought to have the option to assist you in delivering the legitimate packing box to meet your product and client needs.

Since various corrugated boxes are accessible in the market, from a single wall to double-wall to custom box packaging, consider and examine the elements underneath with your manufacturer. Here we will discuss about how to pick the right corrugated box for your product. But before we delve into that, let’s understand what is a corrugated box and what are the various features that give it the light weight and yet the sturdiness that is needed to secure your products.

What are Corrugated Boxes?

The word corrugated means to shape into a progression of parallel grooves to give added strength and unbending nature. Hence, a corrugated box is one small rigid, and robust box. It is made of paperboard and, by and large, has three, four and or even five-ply corrugated boxes also. The more the number of layers, the sturdier the box becomes.

The outer two layers of the different corrugated cardboard boxes are thick and flat. They look attractive and smooth. There is a section inside those layers with air grooves. That is the corrugated part of the box. The well-grooved part is likewise alluded to as the flute. It gives better cushioning and strength to the overall box.

Multiple flute materials can be utilized for single corrugated boxes to give enhanced strength and protection. The larger grooves are often used for greater strength, while the more modest ones provide structural integrity. A few corrugated boxes may have different medium layers for added protection.

Difference between Corrugated and Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard and corrugated are two sorts of materials utilized for manufacturing packaging boxes. Corrugated and cardboard are both made of thick paper, yet they are not something similar. The corrugated sheets are three layers with a liner, internal and outside. The cardboard boxes are made of a solitary layer.

The cardboard sheets are used for grain boxes, card boxes, etc. The custom corrugated packaging boxes are the best used as delivery and shipping boxes.

Corrugated boxes enhance and upgrade the overall packaging process. They are lightweight, sturdy, durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Different types of Corrugated Boxes

The custom size corrugated boxes are separated because of the accompanying factors:

Flute Size

Flute size decides the thickness of the corrugated box walls. The various flutes utilized for corrugated boxes incorporate A, B, C, E, and F. Prominently, A is approximately the largest flute size with a 5 mm thickness. Corrugated boxes with A flute are great for the products that require additional cushioning and padding, similar to glass items. Thus, boxes with B, C, E, and F flutes go with more modest thickness causing them an optimal choice for products that require less assurance and protection.

Board Types

The most widely recognized boards for corrugated boxes incorporate single-wall and double-wall boards. A single-face board is likewise used – it is made of a one-liner sheet adhered to one corrugated medium. This board style gives additional protection and cushioning to the items when folded and wrapped over them.

  • A Single-wall board is a single corrugated medium adhered and stacked between two liner sheets. One of the most well-known board types is utilized as a shipping box and retail display.
  • Double-wall is two corrugated mediums adhered between three liner sheets. It is generally used for heavier products requiring more grounded delivery and shipping boxes.
  • Double-wall is two corrugated mediums adhered between three liner sheets. It is generally used for heavier products requiring more grounded delivery and shipping boxes.

Double-wall is two corrugated mediums adhered between three liner sheets. It is generally used for heavier products requiring more grounded delivery and shipping boxes.

A triple-wall board also has three corrugated layered mediums glued between four liner sheets. It is undoubtedly the strongest of many boards and is generally utilized for modern industrial products.

When you realize what fluting and board type you want for your box, you want to decide the legitimate board grade. To do so, you’ll need to ask yourself – Is it more critical that my box has the option to withstand top-to-bottom stacking pressure without collapsing and falling? Or, on the other hand, have increased puncture resistance from inside and external factors?

Board Grade

The corrugated board is classified as either ECT or Mullen. Although there are circumstances where either could be utilized effectively, the two have various applications. First, there’s the Edge Crush Test (ECT). Edge Crush Test (ECT) estimates how much stacking strength or pressure a box can endure before being squashed.

ECT board is excellent when boxes are stacked on top of each another, whether on a pallet/huge warehouse shelf. The flute profile assumes a massive part in your board’s assembly and stacking stability. ECT values range from 23ECT for single-wall and 120ECT for triple-wall. The higher the number, the more prominent the compression strength.

The other choice for the corrugated board is Mullen. Mullen value is determined by how much pressure a crate can endure before exploding or penetrating. The heaviness of the board’s liner is the more significant part of the bulk of the bursting and exploding strength. Mullen values are provided as a three-digit number, and the higher the worth, the stronger the board.

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Advantages of Corrugated Packaging In various industries

Squeezed between two bits of cardboard, the furrowed and ridged flutes of corrugated paper are intended to help support a lot of weight. In addition to the fact that this is gainful for shipping purposes, it has a significant influence in supporting the food in pizza boxes and corrugated cardboard takeout boxes.

This cardboard fluting construction additionally assumes an essential part in safeguarding and protecting items during transportation and forestalling damages. The curved arches created by these flutes make boards solid, durable, and resist pressure applied from any point. The space between the flutes and under the arches gives cushioning padding and insulation and protection in extreme weather conditions.

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Product packaging is the most elevated layer of your product, and it is the first physical touch for your customers. Additionally, a charming unboxing experience is fundamental for eCommerce organizations as they don’t have any on rack and shelf presence. Giving your customers a lovely and pleasant unboxing experience is ideal to fulfill and satisfy your customers.

Packaging Customization

Custom size corrugated boxes come in various sizes, are made of multiple boards/sheets, and have changing ECT values. This makes them quite possibly the most flexible and significant choices for sellers. They can likewise be customized according to various necessities. Similarly, stick shipping labels to the boxes without much of a stretch. These boxes can again be specially custom designed.


Manageable and sustainable packaging is the latest trend in the market. Customers have started to esteem and value environment-friendly products and packaging more in recent years. As an eCommerce business, laying out a strong relationship with clients is fundamental. Fortunately, corrugated boxes are additionally one of the ideal choices for economical and sustainable packaging.


Corrugated boxes can be made of recyclable papers and are often reusable. The material that is used in the making of the corrugated boxes can differ according to the product type that you intend to pack. You will find industrial grade packaging boxes and also food grade boxes that make them suitable for packing eatables ranging from fruits and vegetables to the cooked food items like pizzas.


Different types of carton boxes are a cost-efficient and effective product packaging choice. Since the corrugated boxes are sustainable and reasonable, they are cost-effective to produce.

How to Pick the Best Corrugated Box for Your Product

Tips to Choose the Right Types of Carton Boxes

E-commerce allows you to sell your merchandise worldwide, permitting you to transform your fantastic product into a success. Be that as it may, what truly helps a brand is the packaging. Getting it wrong can affect your business. Don’t worry, as here are practical tips on choosing the right shipping boxes for your item/product.

Pick a Sturdy Box

The product should have the option to travel from point A to B with insignificant damage and without much problem. Assuming the product is bulky or fragile, you should focus on materials intended for strength. On the off chance thats conceivable, guarantee that your packaging stacks well. This will ensure that the corrugated packaging box can be picked up effortlessly and put in freight. Such packaging will endure the thumps and bumps during transit. A well layered box with good void filling will endure the handling and stacking in storage.


Before choosing a type of carton box, you should set a spending plan/budget. This will assist with figuring out what sort of material you can utilize for shipping boxes and if you can spend the amount on making it as captivating and enticing as expected. Finding the right equilibrium on what you need to pay will massively assist in choosing the suitable packaging. DCGpac offers corrugated boxes in bulk. Ordering in bulk with the customized design and print can help you minimize the cost that you incur in packaging.


Regarding Corrugate box style, you ought to treat your products as you treat yourself. You should pick your packaging box contingent upon the size, as the suitable space for the product is exceptionally fundamental. For example, the packaging material utilized by Amazon is about convenience, particularly from the consumer angle. This packaging material is easy to open, hassle-free, and dispose of.

Consider Your Package Size

Let’s say your business has an item that comes in four unique sizes. You can undoubtedly get shipping boxes in two sizes rather than four individual sizes in such a case. You can do this by being economical and efficient with dimensions and designs. This will permit you to integrate measures that will assist with setting aside cash while keeping up with the integrity of your product.

Know Your Audience

While dealing with the financial plan, transportation, materials, and package design and integrating them into your packaging boxes, you must keep your target audience in front of each choice. Keeping your client at the forefront of decision-making will guarantee an outcome in the long haul. For instance, if you sell your products through e-commerce giants like Amazon, you can go for conventional Amazon packaging material rather than custom boxes as customers trust Amazon.

No Limits

There are vast choices accessible for different types of cartoon boxes. You are just restricted by your budget, sustainability, and maybe your imagination (for custom boxes). Yet, make sure to audit all aspects of the packaging boxes. When that’s what you do, you’ll have the option to concoct an arrangement that sticks to your business.

Checking out at Packaging Ergonomics

Whether your item is in a store or sold online, you generally believe your package to stand out and leave a positive impression. The design of your package will at last direct your customers thought process of your organization, so planning a captivating custom box design that exemplifies your brand image is a must. Nowadays, the corrugated box that holds your product is just as significant as the actual item.

Custom corrugated packaging boxes can elevate the customer experience and make for novel unboxing experiences that will guarantee your brand image stays in the mind of anyone who opens your packaging. Remember that custom packaging needn’t bother to be a challenge. It can significantly affect any brand, whether you’re designing product packaging for a large enterprise or a small company.

While a custom-made box does improve the clients’ insight, it likewise gives you extra branding opportunities, so it’s a shared benefit! When picking your custom corrugated packaging boxes, it is vital to understand the niche industry your product/item is entering.

Please do some research and see what your rivals are doing by looking at the container shape, the material of their boxes, and their design choices.

You need to see what works in your field and see what is getting a reaction. Pick a design, send it out in small amounts, and see how your clients respond before jumping towards large-scale manufacturing of your custom packaging.

Most custom packaging organizations will offer sample types of carton boxes of your designs before sending them out for production. Likewise, you can send these samples to your loyal client base to get valuable feedback on your design, structure, and significantly more. Albeit these can at times be worse concerning printing, you can, in any case, find out about how your packaging will support and sustain itself in specific conditions.

Thinking about Transportation

It is vital to comprehend your box structure when picking a transport choice as it could influence which one is generally appropriate. Suppose your box structure isn’t genuinely durable and robust. In that case, your options will be restricted, so it’s ideal to invest additional time in the packaging to better safeguard your product through the shipping stage.

It would be best if you likewise thought about your budget and your item while figuring out which transportation you use to ship your product.

Additional tips for packing shipping boxes

Avoid bad packaging decisions. Stay with new and undamaged corrugated boxes, as utilized ones can have dents and tears or concealed issues like water damage. Use reinforced WAT (water-activated tape) to fix and seal your boxes if you’re capable. It’s stronger than standard pressing tape and leaves clear evidence in the case of packaging altering.

Stay away from inefficient packaging decisions. Stick with a bubble pad, foam sheets, or packing paper at whatever point you can. Packing tape is significant; however, over-taping doesn’t make for a more safe and more secure customer shipment.

DCGpac Can Help with your Packaging needs

Picking the proper packaging for your item can be a difficult choice. In any case, the good news is that there are many choices to choose from. It’s unquestionably worth weighing your choices before designing your packaging. The customization and bulk order options that DCGpac offers can help fulfill your packaging needs at one point itself. The boxes we offer are easy to assemble and can be stacked for a long time till the need arises.

You can choose from a range of dimensions as per your specific need by checking our product specification table. Once you have identified the right size you can have them customized with your brand logo and design to give that unique experience to your customers. Once your order is placed the order is delivered within 7 days.

By finding an opportunity by assessing your client’s requirements, you have the valuable chance to distinguish areas in your operation where corrugated cardboard boxes can further improve your customer support and service. While picking the correct box for your product, think about the packaging necessities and the reliability of your packaging equipment. To assist with all your packaging and shipping operation needs, contact a DCGpac’s sales representative for assistance.

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