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What are Role and Purpose of Packaging in Marketing? – DCGpac

Packaging has evolved over the decades and presently encompasses and incorporates the security and containment of the product while improving its attractiveness and marketability. With the plethora of products being released in the same vertical, it becomes crucial for brands to stand out on top in an already saturated market.

Packaging can play a vital role in upgrading a product’s visibility, improving its sale, or even creating awareness. Packaging has long crossed the mere objective of packing a product and moved to a more comprehensive role of branding, promoting and marketing.

Packaging can be of the product directly or utilized as a means of convenience from the point of sale or production. It can assist brands in reaching out to their customers. Stand-up pouches and food, and eCommerce packaging boxes with carrying feasibility are a must for the retail section. Both of these types can be used to accomplish more than be convenient.

What Is The Significance Of Packaging?

Does product packaging matter? It’s important. Packaging plays various fundamental roles for today’s organizations and their clients. It has played different practical roles and functions connected with marketing, sales, and brand awareness.

One of the significant functional roles that packaging plays is safeguarding products during transportation and straight up to the moment the consumer opens the package. Assuming the product is damaged when the customer receives it, their view of your organization will likewise be damaged. You’ll probably need to either supplant the product or return its amount. The packaging should again be easy to open, and the packaging design should make it straightforward to eliminate the product from the package, as this makes for a superior customer experience.

Another functional role that packaging plays are assisting consumers with identifying products. The packaging should provide sufficient data through text, images and different types of correspondence so that the consumer can rapidly figure out what is in the package. Differences in packaging, such as color, can likewise help indicate various product models within one brand.

Packaging is a tremendous brand awareness opportunity and should also match the organization’s brand personality selling the product. It can also assist new customers in getting familiar with your brand and improve brand awareness. Packaging that incorporates brand elements, such as brand colours, logos, and fonts, can likewise assist customers with recognizing the company that makes a product.

Vital Role and Purpose of Product Packaging in the Marketing and Retail Sector

Here at DCGpac, we pride ourselves on our packaging solutions’ manageability, sustainability, and reusability. All of our packaging designs are made in light of these two factors in mind, thinking beyond the presentation of the gift.

We believe brands need to turn out to be more aware of the reusability of their product packaging to guarantee that consumers don’t dispose of it after being opened.

Many brands do this right, and numerous consumers frequently hold onto the packaging of products, particularly those that are somewhat more luxurious and can find another use for it somewhere else. This then, at that point, increases its life cycle, meaning there is less waste going into the environment, making it more sustainable and ethical.

Today, customers are more conscious about their carbon impression and being green than ever before, and product packaging is crucial to them. As individuals keep on shopping online, they are becoming progressively mindful of item packaging and the prospective damage it could do to the world we live in.

Although packaging can look pretty, on the off chance that it isn’t reusable or eco-friendly, then, at that point, shoppers may not buy from the brand again for that very reason. Subsequently, it is fundamental for brands to consider the packaging they want to create in light of a sustainable future in mind.

Let us see the purpose of packaging in marketing and how it can be utilized to enhance brand value:

Packaging in the right way can attract a lot of attention to the product. Many brands have gone out of their way to developing unique packaging ideas to give their products a distinct identity. It is a great way to direct the attention of probable customers towards the development and be retained in memory for a long. Vibrant designs and colours in packaging go a long way in creating awareness and generating interest.

Packaging for products is also a perfect canvas for brands to promote offers and create a brand image. It gives you the feasibility to not just place your brand name and logo; you can utilize the space to promote offers and provide more information on the product and how it stands out from the rest of the existing crowd.

While product specifications, details, and other such information have been common, you now find brands including QR codes and links to direct customers to their landing page. This is a simple yet effective way to increase web traffic and brand awareness.

Safeguarding and convenience are other prominent factors that we need to consider when considering packaging. A well-packaged product will be preferred over a product that is not packaged well or does not offer the convenience required to carry the product.

Here is another hidden advantage of packaging your products well. Imagine being a customer and receiving a product that is not well packed. It is sure to not leave a good impression on you about either the brand or the quality of the product on hand.

A well-packaged product makes an instant impression where the customer evaluates the service rendered by the provider. Securely packing the products with good quality material assures the customer of a valued product. Packaging companies like DCGpac offers packaging options with the best materials possible.

How Does Packaging Improve Sales?

Since more than seven in 10 customers say that packaging impacts their purchase decisions, organizations need to consider their packaging from a functionality stance and marketing and sales. How does packaging affect sales?

When consumers are confronted with an array of product choices either in the store or online, an essential factor in their decision-making is product packaging. When picking which product to pull off the rack and consider buying, purchasers have little data besides the packaging except if they did earlier research.

Numerous shoppers will pick a product with packaging that gets their attention. Most shoppers have tried an effect because its packaging grabbed their attention on the store rack, featuring the significance of utilizing your package design to assist your product stand apart from the competition.

Your attractive packaging is often the first impression or an initial feeling that somebody gets of your organization, and it’s significant you establish that first impression as an amazing one. If your packaging is high-quality, customers are bound to relate your brand and your products with quality. It’s particularly vital that your packaging adequately protects and safeguards your products. On the off chance that it doesn’t, it can appear to consumers that you do not care sufficiently about your products and your customers.

As referenced before, packaging is an excellent tool for expanding and increasing brand awareness. You can noticeably show your logo and other brand components on your packaging, and the actual package itself can likewise be an element of your brand image. Whenever customers see your packaging in the store, they’ll become aware of your brand and will be bound to consider your company the next time they need a product you provide.

Packaging might be an effective online marketing tool. Customers might share images of aesthetically pleasing and satisfying or unique packaging on social media, which assists with helping boost awareness of your brand image and serves as something of a suggestion from the customer posting the picture. In a new study, 39% of online customers said they’d shared a photo or video of a new product, and 60% said they’d be bound to do so assuming that it showed up in a gift-like box rather than a customary traditional brown box.

Choosing The Right Product Packaging

Anyway, how would you pick product packaging that will assist you with boosting sales? Consider the following.

Your audience: One of the critical factors to remember is your audience. You want to understand their inclinations and preferences, interests, and what they anticipate from your product. Exploring by surveying customers and diving into your customer information can assist improve your insight around here. For example, your customers could value packaging that’s easy to open or prefer delicate, pastel color tones.

Your brand image: The role of packaging in brand communication ought to likewise fit in with your brand’s personality, as this will assist customers with recognizing and identifying your products and assist you in creating a cohesive brand identity and personality. On the off chance that your brand is sleek and modern, a stand-up pouch with metallic ink and a minimalistic design might function admirably.

The product: Obviously, your packaging will likewise have to check out your product. Your packaging should help shoppers quickly recognize what kind of product they’re selling. For instance, laminated tubes are frequently utilized for pastes, while retort pouches are used for ready-to-eat meals.

What you want to safeguard your product from: You should also consider what you need to protect and shield your product from so that it’s still ideal when the end-user receives it. Numerous food items, for instance, require a material that keeps moisture and oxygen out, so utilizing a foil, metalized or transparent barrier is essential. Different packaging materials are intended to protect and safeguard electronic products from electrostatic discharge.

Your budget: It’s significant to adjust and balance all of the other factors you’re thinking about with your financial plan. You’ll have to keep in mind the expenses of materials, package production, designer services, and product distribution and track down partners to work with that can give the products and services you want at costs that are reasonably affordable prices within your budget range.

There are various choices regarding packaging and labeling in marketing. You want to ensure that you consider your audience, brand, product and usefulness. How you choose can decide how your packaging stands out in the market, thereby increasing sales. One method for making your packaging unique and distinct from the competition is custom colors and designs.

Custom packaging can aid in the increment of sales. For eg; an interestingly shaped container or eye-catching color is a superb method for guaranteeing customers’ attention to your product in the ocean of contending products on the store racks.

DCGpac offers unique packaging types, such as stand-up pouches, to make your product stand out and increase sales. Its uniqueness is one of how stand-up packaging can increase sales.

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Reasons Why You Need Great packaging and labeling in marketing and Retail Business

Safeguards Your Product

Packaging isn’t simply restricted to retailers yet additionally manufacturers. One of the fundamental motivations behind why you need packaging, as a general rule, is because this safeguards your product inside, particularly during shipment. Remember that good packaging will constantly bring about additional sales and repeat customers. Henceforth, invest in sturdy and firm product packaging.

Remember that customers would constantly need that when they receive their orders, they are in good condition, complete, and in legitimate packaging. So consistently seal and secure your product when booked and scheduled for shipment.


Packages can have highlights that add convenience in distribution, stacking, handling, display, opening, re-closing, sale, use, dispensing, recycling, reuse, and ease of disposal.

Barrier protection

Keeping the contents fresh, clean, sterile, and safe for the intended shelf life is essential. Permeation is a primary factor in design. A barrier from oxygen, dust, water vapor, etc., is frequently required. Some packages contain oxygen or desiccant absorbency to assist and extend shelf life. Altered atmospheres or controlled atmospheres are additionally kept up within some food packages.


The characteristics of a good product package can play a significant part in diminishing the security risks of shipment. Packages can be made with further tamper resistance to deter tampering and have tamper-evident features to help indicate tampering. Packages can be designed and engineered to help decrease the risks of package pilferage.

Engaged Buyers

Priorities straight, do your exploration or have a short overview of the client’s requirements and needs before putting resources into high-quality packaging. Then, when you have good subtleties, you will now realize what designs or colors are popular. The justification behind this is straightforward. Picking the right style and design of the packaging that comes directly from the purchaser’s pov will result in customers buying your products.

You have to imagine the client’s perspective. Whenever you see inadequately packaged items, you won’t take a gander at them and won’t suggest them. However, if you see high-quality packaged items, you would engage in the product, and the packaging design will do the sales talk. In addition, great packaging will constantly answer customers’ curiosity and the brand you are advancing and promoting. So, pick an exceptionally captivating design that suits the product you are selling.

Effective and Viable Branding

Branding has forever been one of today’s competition’s best and most effective marketing procedures. Good packaging incorporates your branding, and good branding gives customers a thought of your identity and what you believe in. Don’t put an excess of style in your brand name. Simple fonts work best since they are eye-catchy, meaningful, and readable.

Good packaging for new companies comes in handy related to effective branding. What’s more, this is additionally significant for recently established businesses. Those start-up businesses are still in the procedure of establishing their names in the market. This is an ideal chance for you to tell your client about your brand and, in addition, the things you are selling.

It Contrasts With Your Competitors

Assuming you go to the supermarket, you can presume a low chance of scarcity with the number of products displayed. A large portion of the staff will group similar products from various retailers on a shelf. Now that you know about this, you want to have product packaging that will outpower your competitor. It’s brilliant to pick a simple, straightforward, and eye-catching design.

Nonetheless, it would genuinely rely upon the product you are selling. For instance, if you sell wine, you would have a similar package as your competitors. It will simply seem to be a standard bottle with its subtleties. In this present circumstance, you should be innovative. It would be brilliant to have a go at changing your bottle. Rather than a customary bottle, try to create a bottle that seems like a cluster of grapes with a holder. That way, it will be more appealing than your competitors.

The role of packaging in brand communication and characteristics of a good product package:

Five P’s of marketing, showcasing and plunge into the reasons behind why your organization ought to think product packaging an integral part of your overall technique:

Product: As indicated by the Promotional Products Association International, the product component of the advertising and marketing mix could be supplanted with “customer” since organizations focus more on the user experience, fanatically idealizing and perfecting the merchandise they make.

Regardless, product and consumer remain forever inseparable – the product is any item that fulfills a customer’s needs or desires. Advertisers and marketers must investigate the lifecycle of the products they are marketing and retool their procedures to stay aware of advancements and changes in their industry.

Price: This is the expense of a product, and any changes made to cost will influence the advertiser’s overall procedure. It affects demand and sales, and advertisers need to consider how much price impacts customers’ perception of a product. Deciding the price of a product includes knowledge and understanding from numerous departments. Yet, marketers should assist with offering merchandise and goods to their target audience regardless of how much the product costs.

Advancement and Promotion: This is the thing numerous marketers consider the core of what they do – everything revolves around getting the product out there in the most effective, inventive and creative ways to attract consumers and make a positive, profound reaction.

Gone are the days when traditional print ads, marketing and cold sales call transform possibilities into leads. Presently, marketers must practice a wide range of ideas and methodologies – both digital and conventional – to get products noticed and attract consumers to them.

Product packaging can play a massive part in the advancement and promotion of a company and its products as additional consumers decide to make their encounters and educate themselves on their purchasing choices and decisions instead of being taught to and persuaded by an advertisement or sales pitch.

Conferences, expos, trade shows, giveaways, and special occasions are new ways advertisers and marketers promote their products and get them out to purchasers. Subsequently, product packaging should be attractive and eye-catching, intuitive, and practical since marketers are placing it in the possession of consumers without skipping a beat on these occasions.

Place: The dissemination of an item is the final step in the advertising and marketing blend, and it’s the critical moment when a brand’s reputation and standing can either be built or annihilated. Your products are last in retail stores or online, and buyers have excellent and convenient, direct admittance to them. It doesn’t make any difference how much confidence and positive messaging you put out about your product if it isn’t attracting individuals once it hits the racks. Distributing products includes trusted, proficient partnerships to guarantee products are getting to consumers quickly, effectively and successfully.

Packaging: Your packaging is vital to your marketing and promoting mix – it can direct how well your procedure is working and includes each of the focuses above. Packaging flaunts your product in the best light, displays the price and value of the product, conveys and communicates the product’s advantages to customers, and shows up in your different distribution points.

Your product might be the absolute best available on the market. However, its packaging should be the primary tool that addresses this. It’s the principal thing individuals see, and it can catch or redirect their attention in practically no time.


If you’d like to learn more about how we can deliver sustainable, extravagant packaging for your business, get in touch with the DCGpac team.

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