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Is There a Difference Between a Cardboard and Corrugated Box?

Cardboard and corrugated boxes are used synonymously and thus every cardboard box becomes a corrugated box and every corrugated box becomes a cardboard box. Thus generating a lot of confusion in the corrugated box terminology. But that’s not true. A cardboard box and a corrugated box are 2 different things and have different uses. When it comes to shipping, the first thing that comes to the mind of packaging professionals is a corrugated box.. To know how they both differ, read on.

Cardboard Box

Cardboard can be said to be an umbrella term that may encircle the packaging of a lot of products. It is a type of board made from heavy paper pulp and products such as greeting cards, playing cards, cereal boxes, etc. can be made from it. Cardboard essentially means a single sheet molding which can give you any desired product. Cardboard boxes are mostly printed (branded) and are generally colorful.

What is a corrugated box

A corrugated box is made of corrugated sheets. A corrugated sheet is a thick sheet with several layers of containerboard sandwiched. The 2 container boards on the outside are flat sheets and between them are the rippled sheets. Gluing these sheets together with starchy glue forms a corrugated sheet. Sandwiching rippled containerboard between flat sheets strengthens the whole structure and makes it more rigid as compared to the cardboard. The boxes made out of corrugated sheets can hold more weight as they are strong and durable. Corrugated boxes can be printed and perfect for shipping products. Cardboard and corrugated boxes might be used interchangeably, but there is a whole lot of difference between the two.

Corrugated boxes are best suited for shipping the products and are a standard choice for heavy-duty corrugated packaging while cardboard boxes are good for light packaging and branding, such as cereal boxes. Although both can be printed, corrugated boxes are mostly printed monochromatically as they are widely used for shipping. Check out a wide range of corrugated boxes on our website

When to Use Corrugated vs Cardboard

Both corrugated and cardboard boxes are used as an effective packaging solutions but it is also very important to know when to use what on the basis of the requirements as both are different in terms of the formation.

A cardboard box being a thick or heavy paper is used at various places for product packaging, small containers, where not much protection is needed. It may also require additional support for the packaging like bubble rolls or foam for better protection depending on the type of product.

Corrugated box is made up of several layers. It is lighter in the weight and is used in the shipped which is subjected to jerks, shocks, temperature change and when you want the product to remain in the same shape as delivered.


It is important to understand whether to use a corrugated and cardboard box for any shipment. You must always plan wisely what to use when based on the safety parameters, costing, size, and state in order to ensure safe shipping.

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